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Yuzu Trading Co. LLC


We work with three artists in Mashiko, Japan to bring you stylish, contemporary yet rustic handmade ceramics. These are pieces suitable for galleries or high-end gift shops.

Kabin (vase) by Akutsu Combined clay yunomi (teacup) by Senda Yoshiaki Guinomi (sake cup) with temmoku-style persimmon glaze by Minowa Yasuo
Akutsu Masato Senda Yoshiaki Minowa Yasuo

We can also supply a range of contemporary Japanese ceramics produced by companies that focus on upscale restaurant and gift markets. These items are usually produced anonymously and sometimes mass-produced to meet the durability requirements of restaurants with reasonable cost, but still featuring stylish designs.

To see more of the ceramics we import from individual Japanese artists, please see our internet retail catalog's Ceramics category.

To learn more about what we can do for you, please email Jason.

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